Die drei norddeutschen Produzenten Subz & Matik und Robot Redford bündeln die Kräfte und bringen ihre erste gemeinsame EP auf dem Tübinger Label Santorin Records heraus. Subz & Matik können jeweils Veröffentlichungen auf Labels wie Soundtrax, Phunkfiction, Trust in Music oder Citrus verzeichnen und haben in 2010 ein gemeinsames Album veröffentlicht, während Robot Redford unter anderem für Bassdrive Records, Santorin und Basswerk aktiv war. Für den ein oder anderen Connaisseur von feinem Liquid Drum & Bass Sound wird bei den vier Stücken der EP sicherlich etwas dabei sein.

The Masure EP features the combined efforts of Subz, Matik and Robot Redford, whove blending their names as well as their sound into a bass-fueled smoothie. This delicious concoction is most noticeably hinted within the EPs title track, which features a somber piano loop and saxophone accents undercut by some sinister bass and crisp drums. Move On does a great job of wearing its ingredients right on its sleeve, but not staying married to the past, with a bright funk thats sure to light up the warmth of the summer. Perception brings the funk but in a different vein, sticking to an understated, bouncy bass that leaves a lot of room for a hearty course of percussion and slick accents to the mix. One tune to truly get lost within. The Lament is true to its name, giving us a somber swan song for many to reflect and reminisce with. The way the flutes play off of the bass in that one? Superb, with a touch of jazzy seasoning. These three German mixologists have whipped up a tasty meal for you hungry bassfreaks out there- take a bite!
Words: khal