Das Calibre als einer der fleißigsten Drum & Bass Produzenten gilt und dabei immer wieder astreine Qualität abliefert, stellt er mit seinem neuen Album „Condition“ einmal mehr unter Beweis. Sein mittlerweile siebtes Album widmet sich laut eigener Aussage mehr dem Dancefloor, ohne jedoch seine eigene typische Calibre-Deepness außer Acht zu lassen. Das sagt der Meister selbst zu seinem neuen Werk:

„Condition is my drum and bass follow up to „Even If“, I originally wanted to make an album that was more dance floor influenced, to have a more light hearted approach, in some ways it has that, but I couldn’t stop myself from making the deeper material, for years i have wrestled with the subtle side of drum and bass, my journey has been one that tries to attain the simple groove, to keep removing the layers of this music, this album is an expression of this, and how im still feeling the underdog waiting for the cycle‚ it came about as it always has and thats the way its supposed to, enjoyable and moving fast to discover the stillness.“

calibre - condition

Calibre – Condition

Release date: 3. Oktober 2011.


01. Calibre Ft. DRS – People Never Change
02. Calibre – Notting Hill
03. Calibre РWho’s Singing
04. Calibre – Mirage
05. Calibre – No More
06. Calibre – Foreign Bodies
07. Calibre – Ugly Duckling
08. Calibre – Half And Half
09. Calibre – Garbage Man
10. Calibre – Schlager
11. Calibre Ft. DRS – Closing Doors
12 Calibre – Blackhole Dub
13 Calibre – Windows