Der Londoner Produzent Lynx und der Düsseldorfer New York-Hawaiianer MC Kemo veröffentlichen im April ihr lange erwartetes Debut-Album auf Marcus Intalex‘ Soul:r Label. Features gibt es unter anderem von Alix Perez, DRS, MC Tali und Henree.

LYNX & KEMO – „The Raw Truth“
>Soundtrack to future revolution<

Hier ein Sneak Preview Mix zum Album:

Offizieller Pressetext:

In a world of lies, corruption and superficiality, these inner city rebels refuse to play along. Perfecting orchestra, detailed compositions, Lynx has been referred to as the future of Drum & Bass for his progressive ideas and technical genius. Kemo gives the revolutionary movement a voice wth his deep, moody poetry ‚Äìrapped with eloquent flow, spoken with utmost sincerity. Strength lies not in volume, but in depth and balance. The songs are laced with elaborate songwriting,reduced to the core concept, and the essence is undelined and highlighted. The songs contain gigantic peaks reached through silent gaps. Everything has a purpose. Space is essential. This is full spectrum music. From the soul. Urban, yet organic, the Lynx & Kemo sound is both sophisticated and street. „The Raw Truth‚Äù is a timeless album that belongs in the shelf alongside Massive Attack, Burial, Tricky, Prodigy, Faithless and Wu-Tang Clan. No need to label this Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Dubstep fusion. This is true music from the soul. Songs not singles. Combining to a soundtrack to future revolution.


LYNX & KEMO – „The Raw Truth‚Äù
01. Camera
02. Apocalypse РFt Bango Collective + Dennis Jones
03. Committing Love РFt. Kate Whitmarsh + Mika Doo
04. Tribes РFt. Malibu Rhodes
05. Global Enemies
06. Semitones
07. Glass Jaw
08. All you Own РFt. Spoonface
09. One Love
10. Broken Glass РFt. Alix Perez + DRS
11. Deez Breakz РFt. Henree
12. Dangerous РFt. Alix Perez
13. Raw Truth
14. The Real Thing РFt. Tali + Vaceo
15. Hotriders РFt. Master X + Simon Wiggins