Die Drum’n’Bass und Rock Crossover-Meister Pendulum arbeiten gerade an ihrem dritten Studioalbum „Immersion“, welches im Mai 2010 erscheinen soll.¬† Dazu gibt es im Mai eine UK-Tour mit Live-Support von Sub Focus. Eine Europa-Tour wird dann wahrscheinlich im 2. Halbjahr von 2010 folgen.

Bandleader Rob Swire zum neuen Album:

„It‚Äôs been two years in the making and I‚Äôm more excited about this record than anything we‚Äôve ever done. We‚Äôve been lucky enough to collaborate with some of our idols, played live alongside some of the biggest names in rock and electronic music, and finally set up a permanent studio in London. We‚Äôve learnt so much during the process and this next record really does feel like a culmination of all those experiences. I‚Äôd say it‚Äôs almost ‚ÄòThe Perfect Storm‚Äô but that shitty film with George Clooney ruined the phrase.‚Äù

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